Photo Editing Adelaide

Adelaide Photo Editing

Your photo needs fixing!   Photoshop is your friend – spots, blemishes and even people can be removed.   A few times a year I get asked to fix wedding photography disasters!   Neil Jacobs, Church Hill Photography, 0434902392 or email [email protected]

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Photoshop editing includes resizing (making larger or smaller), cropping (fitting to a frame size),
fixing colours, removing problems (including stains, tears, creases, fading, yellowing) and unwanted items (yes including people).

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Step 1 – take a pic of the photo with your phone and send the image to me for a quote (or the .jpg file if you have it).   It is helpful for me to know the size and format (paper or .jpg) of the original.

Step 2 – I give you a firm quote (I always spend more time than I quote).

Step 3 – you email me the highest quality scan of the image, or bring to me at Gawler, where I will scan it for you (up to 4800dpi) – you get the original back straight away.

Step 4 – I work on the image until it is good as it possibly can be.

Step 5 – I deliver a draft to you; then the final copy in the size you want.

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As a guide for one image, $50 for basic retouching.   More complex (time-consuming) jobs require a quote.   Ask for a quote (no obligation) – call Neil Jacobs on 0434902392 or email [email protected]

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