adelaide wine bottle photography

Wine Bottle Photography Adelaide & Barossa

Adelaide Barossa wine bottle photography that reflects the quality of your product and packaging!

Adelaide & Barossa Wine bottle photography from my Gawler studio (adjacent to the Barossa Valley; 1 hour from Claire Valley; & easily accessible to Adelaide Hills).

Quality, creative, & fast! High quality lenses and lighting. Full-frame & high resolution cameras (& quality/sharp lenses). Colour calibration (x-rite) system to ensure accurate image capture (plus calibrated editing monitors).

Proofs via Dropbox; no charge for edit requests – you must be 100% satisfied.

Affordable – $50* per bottle (4 bottle minimum); shadow effects (+$10 per pic); vintage removal – no charge. On white background standard. Transparencies as a .PNG or .TIFF (+$10 per pic).   Custom backgrounds poa. * for standard bottles & printed labels – ask for a quote for raised printing and spray labels.

Files available in high resolution JPG (full resolution 300 dpi for printing), low resolution JPG (960px, 72dpi for web and Facebook), TIFF, and PSD (whatever you want). Files can be delivered by mail, courier, or Dropbox.

Licensing and copyright – the images are yours to use in any media, anywhere, forever (given in writing & signed by me)!

Standard freight charges for product returns.

Next day service (subject to other bookings).

Call Neil on 0434 902 392 for a quote.

Adelaide Barossa Wine Bottle Photography images

Please click on a pic below to enlarge:

Adelaide Wine Bottle PhotographyThe range (on white with shadow).


Wine Bottle Photography Adelaide & BarossaHalf bottles (on white with shadow).


Adelaide Wine Bottle PhotographySpray labels (not my favourite because it takes hours to Photoshop out the spray drift).


Wine Bottle Photography Adelaide & BarossaSpray labels (yes I know they are olive oil) with the rear label removed in Photoshop.


Wine Bottle Photography Adelaide & BarossaA silver bottle (shot in a white tent [ask your photographer about reflections]).


Wine Bottle Photography Adelaide & BarossaX-rite colour calibration means I create an individual colour profile when editing (to ensure accurate colour reproduction); and your printer can use the same reference.