Wedding Slideshows

Wedding videos are great.   The good ones are excellent and sometimes the quality (and creative vision) exceeds the best Hollywood movies!

But as a much lower cost alternative consider a HD video slideshow.

You can do the maths, but for example 270 images with a 7 second interval, will create a 30 minute video.   We process the pics to create a 1080p HD video (that looks superb on your big screen).

Also there are many slideshow software packages, and they are not too difficult to create yourself.

At Church Hill Photography some of our wedding packages include a HD video of your day (we can even dub in your vows). You choose the length and whether you want “motion” effects.   The video fits on a USB.

Copyright is an important issue, and we use royalty free music.

The HD videos load and play superbly on YouTube, and if you have the bandwidth/connection speed, play in 1080p!   You can share the URL/link with whoever you want!   This is an easy way of sharing your wedding day images with friends and family (and the video is on YouTube for as long as you want).

We can create custom slideshows from your images (but we would need to check that you have been granted the ability by your original photographer to re-use the images in this way – another copyright issue).

For a quote or questions please call Neil on 0434 902 392.

Click on this link for a sample posted on YouTube (from a Wedding I shot in Northern Spain) :