Should you print a Wedding Album?

Months after the celebrations, there is the question “Should you print a wedding album?”

should you print a wedding album

Some photographers’ business models are based on them “up-selling” printed albums. They sell a book that costs $200 to print, for $1,000 (or more)! Very nice quality books too.

I have created several wedding photo books for my clients (and the printing cost was way less than $200). Printed in Australia, on Fuji paper, hardback printed cover, A4, landscape; and 60-pages.

As a child, I looked at my parents wedding album hundreds of times. I still have it (and keep meaning to scan it). I was fascinated seeing my parents so young and beautiful, and all the relatives (so young); and sadly/naturally many decades later nearly all of them have passed on – so the memories in that book are even more important.

A few of the hundreds of digital images I create each wedding are printed. Fewer would become a photo book. Newly-marrieds are busy; and children, work and life all demand their precious time.
But please, please, please – create your own printed wedding album (and safely store your hundreds of wedding images in the “cloud” – using free accounts like Dropbox, Google-drive, & Mediafire).

The USB of today will not fit in your computer in 10-years time. Your children will throw the USB away (just like we would do to a floppy disc from the 1990’s). Your photos on Facebook are not the best quality, and who knows if Facebook will even be around or fashionable in 20-years time?

A printed book should last 100 years, even after being examined many times by children with grubby fingers. Sure a book will not survive flood or fire, but neither will a USB. Your photo “back up” should be in the “cloud” (just remember to trust your children with the password).

Your wedding photos are your precious future family memories. I think the best images are definitely worth printing in a bound book; with all your image files safely stored in the “cloud”.

Albums do not have to be expensive – there are many options to suit every budget.

I am not in the business of selling albums! But I do like to see some images printed.

Think of your children (many decades from now) cleaning up after you have been sent to the nursing home (or whatever they are called then) – they have no idea what to do with that lump of plastic “wedding” USB – but they might keep the treasured printed album (complete with their childhood fingermarks).

So my answer to the question: “Should you print a wedding album?” is YES!!

Should you print a Wedding Album? “YES!”

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