Photo “Effects” – today’s fashion!

Every photo can have a unique ‘look’ or ‘style’. Photoshop can produce many different effects. When you look through your wedding images in 20 years time you DON’T want to say “That is so old-fashioned!” Photo ‘effects’ are like any ‘fashion’ – what is hot today; will be ‘so yesterday’ next year.

You may think 20 in years time, “Why are we orange, and what is that texture on my dress?” Or “I wish the photos were in black and white and just showed how much we loved each other on that day. Honest pictures that told a great story – full of our friends and family.”

At Church Hill Photography we photograph your wedding in “normal colour” in high resolution; and apply any effect (or effects) you want after (to one, many or all images). With “normal colour” photo files, you can apply any new, “fashionable” effect in future years.

Below is the same photo with different effects. Which ‘style’ or ‘fashion’ do you like? How will it look in 20-30 years time? What is right for you now AND in the future? Church Hill Photography 0434 902 392.
wedding_style-1Clockright from top left – normal, sun bleached, black and white (platinum), and nostalga.

wedding_style-2How will your wedding photos appear to you in 20 years time?