Photo Editing & Photoshop Services Adelaide Barossa Gawler

Photo Editing & Photoshop Services Adelaide, Barossa & Gawler.

You want your photograph modified – its easy! We scan your original and do the rest in Photoshop, including:
– resizing (making larger or smaller),
– cropping (fitting to a frame size),
– fixing colours,
– removing problems (including stains, tears, creases, fading, yellowing) and unwanted items (yes including people).

We can make someone look older or younger, and change the colour of their clothes or eyes.

We give firm, no-obligation quotes (and we always put in more time than we quote, to make your image ‘perfect’ i.e. what you want).

A sample:
Photoshop photo editing gawler

Real life, and ‘Photoshopped’. Maybe the blue eyes are just too much!