Images of Italy

Magic images of Italy.

In Italy for five weeks, along with its 60 million residents, plus the extra tourist millions.

From Venice, the Sud Tyrol and Stresa in the north; to Sicily in the south.

For all its thousands of years of history, it has only existed as a unified nation since 1866; hence explaining the significance of its regions and the grandeur of many former ‘city-states’.

From the industrial and over-developed north; the German part of the north; the “wild west” of Naples; the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany; the crowds of tourists all over the attractions in every town; luckily the less-visited Sicily; and the significance and wealth of ‘the Church’ very much on display in every town.

Great coffee and wine; and the cream-filled croissant for breakfast is yummy (but not healthy).

The train system was excellent, and most people understand English (and if not, several dozen other tourists will be standing nearby).

All shots on the Canon 5D II, with 24-105mm lens. Hand held panoramas (spliced in Lightroom or Photoshop).

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