How to organise your wedding day

How to organise your wedding day

Ok you are engaged (congratulations), but now “how to organise your wedding day”?
how to organise your wedding day

Relax – it will be ‘organised’ because you will make a “wedding day run sheet” (see below)!    Relax – some things will not go exactly according the “run sheet” – but that’s life”!    Relax – some things will run late – but you have already padded this time into your “run-sheet”. Relax – you will appoint your Maid of Honour as your “time-keeper”!

Your “wedding day run sheet” (sample below) lists the key events, people, places, times and vendors. It helps to plan your day and to keep things on time!

You want to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. You want your guests to have a great time and happy memories! If you are relaxed (almost on time) and enjoying the moment, it will show in your photos!

Decisions on two (or 3) key vendors/locations will determine “the bookends” of your plan for wedding day:
STEP ONE – you know how many guests you are going to have (firm guest list), so you picked the right-sized venue(s). You have thought about weather at the chosen venues (plan B in case of scorching heat, tropical downpour, or gale force winds). You have checked the ceremony venue is available on your chosen date/time. You have checked the reception venue is available on your chosen date/time. You know what time the reception venue will serve the first course (so you will arrive at the reception venue 15 to 30 minutes before this).
STEP TWO – your celebrant/officiant is available for the ceremony start time.
STEP THREE – ring me (Neil at Church Hill Photography 0434 902 392) to see if I am available on your chosen day for wedding photography!

In summary 1.Ceremony – place & time; 2 Celebrant – time (for a religious wedding your faith will determine the venue & officiant); & 3 Reception – place & time. Everything else flows from this – you can now work backwards and forwards with your “run-sheet”. All the other vendors (service providers) will work around these times.

You can fill in the blanks/names/your details – sample “wedding day run sheet”: how to organise your wedding day
Please call or email me if your would like a MS Word template of the “wedding day run sheet”.


Hair & Makeup – work out the time required for each “head” with your ‘artist(s)’. Allow realistic time for each person (to avoid running late).

Dressing the bride takes time (have a practice) – wedding dresses are complicated (loops, snaps, stitching up the back, sashes, putting on the veil; final fixes of hair & makeup). The groom and groomsmen generally get dressed very quickly – but who knows how to do the tie knot?

For the bride’s party appoint the MOH as “timekeeper” – her job is to keep things on schedule. Time just go’s in a mad rush on wedding day. The timekeeper doing her job makes the difference between “very relaxed/cruising/happy” and “very rushed/late/upset”

Allow for extra travelling time – consider heavy traffic, and have a choice of routes.

The difference between ceremony invitation “arrive” time and ceremony “start” time – ask ceremony guests to “arrive” at 2.45pm for a 3.00pm ceremony. Some people are always running late!

If you want to have a group photo, ask your celebrant to make an announcement after the ceremony that “a group photo will be taking place immediately and to please not go anywhere”.

Appoint a ‘round up’ person for the family & friends portraits (Uncle Jack with his loud voice). Tell family members in advance so that they don’t just disappear to the pub after the ceremony.

Pad out your schedule with an extra few minutes here and there (for traffic; even for a toilet break – will take longer than usual because of the dress).

A separate detailed “run-sheet” is need for the reception venue. A careful plan coordinating food, MC, DJ, band, speeches, cate cutting, departure and beverage times. Food served on time is hot, tasty and memorable. Let the speech makers know their allotted times – have them practice and stick to their time!

If possible consider sunset time – the best time for photos is half an hour before sunset -they call it “golden hour” for a good reason!

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