Church Hill Churches

Gawler Photographer

Catholicism and Anglicism in ‘alignment’ at Church Hill, Gawler. On the left the twin octagonal ‘Moorish’ towers of St Peter and St Paul’s Catholic Church built in 1898. On the right, flag flying on the buttressed tower of St George’s Anglican Church, 1864 (tower added 1910). State surveyor, Colonel Light laid out three squares on Cowan St each of which was to have a church in its middle – Catholic at the western end, Anglican in the middle and Church of Scotland at the eastern end. The latter did not eventuate, but the first two now face each other down Cowan Street – a symbol of the religious tolerance which the new South Australian colony prided itself on. Church Hill was proclaimed a State Heritage area in 1985 in recognition of its signficance and integrity. View from the far west on the Tapa Pariara bikepath (ISO400, 370mm, f5.6, 1/800).