Artwork Copying Adelaide Barossa Gawler

Artwork Copying Adelaide Barossa Gawler

Artwork copying (photographic reproduction) across Adelaide Brossa & Gawler. Whether for an auction catalogue, online, publication, or insurance – you may need your artwork photographed. Can you afford “hit and miss” with a phone camera?

Hopefully you want accurate colour reproduction, perfect tones, and absolute sharp focus edge-to-edge.

We use:
• X-rite colour calibration, and include shots of your art with the colour/grey scale card (so, if required your printer can accurately match colours).
• Professional & clean lenses with a full frame camera.
• Special tripod which allows your artwork to be captured horizontally or vertically.
• Professional strobes, with correct placement to allow even-lighting (checked with a light meter) and to avoid flare.
• Specific white balance and colour calibration.

We process the images using individual colour calibration, and if necessary combine 3 (sometimes 5) separate bracketed images to produce amazing depth and clarity.

We provide the files to you on usb/disc of your choice (can be same day). We provide the un-watermarked images in TIFF (lossless/archival), high-res JPG (you can print yourself); and low-res JPG (for email/web).

You are granted copyright ownership of the images – the images are your property (and we will respect your privacy).

gawler artwork copying photography

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