Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Your Adelaide wedding photographer

Congratulations and good luck with the planning for your wedding day!   I am a professional Adelaide wedding photographer who will deliver fantastic (and affordable) images of your wedding.

I am a qualified & experienced photographer, using professional gear (and backups).   I properly edit every .jpg image you receive in full high-resolution on a USB, with no watermarks (yours to print and share).   You also get a duplicate set optimised for your Facebook posts!   You get your images on the agreed delivery date!

Affordable & quality packages here.

Fixed cost. No travelling charge. No hidden cost extras.

I have photographed weddings all over Adelaide (for 5 years); interstate; and even in Spain (= yes I love to travel).

Neil Jacobs, Church Hill Photography, 0434 902 392,

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Choosing an Adelaide Wedding Photographer can be difficult.


At Church Hill Photography:

  • I always deliver your images quickly; usually within two weeks (because I know you want them).   I don’t skimp on editing; but do full editing using modern workflow with Lightroom & Photoshop.  Yes it’s a few late nights, but you want all of your high-resolution pics (and a duplicate set optimised for your Facebook) NOW (not in 6 months time).
  • Modest deposit (I get paid in full only after you are 110% happy with your pics).   Maybe it’s because I do lots of commercial work for large companies (it’s just normal business practice).
  • Cameras with dual-write storage.   If one memory card fails, I have a back-up of your images.   The Adelaide wedding photographer who has never had a memory card fail, probably is about to, or has not been doing the job for very long.
  • I use colour-calibration in the field and calibrated screens to edit your pics – for accurate colour reproduction.
  • Professionalism, communication and friendliness.
  • Happy to show you “all the pics” from any of the weddings I have photographed.